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The stunning new YA novel from Elke Stevens

Delonix Strobilantes
The Green Door



"You aren't afraid of me?" Lucian whispered, searching her face. Phoebe looked up at him and smiled. "No, I'm not. On the contrary. I only feel totally safe when I'm with you."

Everyone has their own quirks but fourteen-year-old Phoebe and sixteen-year-old Lucian certainly have more than most. Drawn together by their mutual loneliness and their diametrically opposed characters they are lured to the strange island of Ravenala where they encounter monstrous ghost creatures, shocking secrets and the most charming and outrageous of all beings, the Lonx, short for Delonix Strobilantes. Dragged into their world and their problems, Phoebe and Lucian experience threatening adventures and simultaneously their first love, which is put to the test by Phoebe's family as well as the Lonx. Will Phoebe and Lucian succeed in saving their new friends? But more importantly, can they save each other and their love?

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Elke Stevens