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Arash – powerful and immortal

You may have met one without even noticing. You may have kissed one and been disappointed that he or she never called you.

They are descendants of the stars (the term ‘Arash’ means ‘bright’), born on a day when a comet passed near the earth, and you won’t find any information about them anywhere. They are very secretive and no human should ever know about their existence. If that happens by chance or carelessness they will erase your memory.

Arash are immortal, but of course they can be destroyed. Not by humans, but by their own kind. They are divided into Bright Arash and Dark Arash. The Dark Arash are born on the day of a solar eclipse, vesting them with dark forces such as fire, cold or other even more intriguing and dangerous abilities. It’s the greatest challenge for a Dark Arash to learn to control his forces and never to use them against humans or other Arash.

So can we see them or not? Yes and no, it’s entirely up to them. They have astral bodies which we can only recognise as a shadow at most, or a fleeting sensation. When a shiver runs down your back, a feeling of being watched, it might be them. But when they decide to become visible they appear – and feel – like any human being. There’s only one difference: in their human form Arash don’t have a shadow, obviously, as it’s their astral body. So look down at the pavement when you are kissing a beautiful girl or boy, it might be one of them.

And better not fall in love, by Arash law they are not allowed to have long-term relationships with humans. With one exception: if the stars trigger a new shadow hunt in a family, their members might come in search of you. If they ask you to join them, it’s your choice but beware, it could be rather dangerous. Agreed, they may be rich, fun-loving, even enjoying all human pleasures, from nice food to Louboutins, but not all of them may be keen on you. Or the family might be an ascetic one, dragging you to a remote island, where you will die of boredom.  So think long and hard about it. But if they asked me, I would certainly agree and enter a fascinating world of love, danger and unimaginable adventure.




© Elke Stevens